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UPVC Water Supply Pipes

UPVC water supply pipes are plumbing pipes of choice of plumbers. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride is an affordable material utilized in the production of these pipes. These pipes are used in the distribution of potable water.

UPVC Casing Pipes

The water is drawn from tube well and bore well using UPVC casing pipes. The water flows from these pipes easily without frictional loss. These pipes have smooth inner surface for transporting clean water.

HDPE Pipes

Not only HDPE pipes are used in water mains and rural irrigation, these pipes are also pipe of choice for applications, such as drainage pipe, gas main, sewer main and slurry line. These pipes are widely used for their toughness. Corrosion resistance and chemical resistance

HDPE Sprinkler Pipe

HDPE sprinkler pipe made from virgin HDPE is used in sprinkler system that is suitable for all types of soil. This system sprays water drawn by this pipe to the land like rainfall.

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